Dynamic Baseball LeagueEdit

The best next-gen baseball league on ROBLOX. Founded by Prumo and currently owned by alextoontown2

. The league currently has 4 teams, (Baltimore Rammers, Minnesota SteamRollers, Miami Cyclones, and Chicago Bulldogs). There is a cancerous player named JoeyPortanova aka Neo121Rah that almost ruined this league but he didn't and now is a dead meme.This league is also known to have pedophiles such as : Rallient, RegularDude7, and a few more. Both of these 2 gentlemen have been caught trying to seduce ash_mvp's younger sister bc she is thick as fuck. Some of the best players DBL include of : RegularDude7, nameplayer, Alextoontown2,EvanFromStateFarm,M1k3_1,yorobbie132,buzzchow,Jurassic_Beast,AlbanianValor, and many more.

Past ChampionsEdit

Baltimore Rammers [S1]

Baltimore Rammers [S2]

Baltimore Rammers [S3]

Baltimore Rammers [S4]

Latest activityEdit

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